Brainchild Online Reading Assessment (Choose Your State to begin)

R.I.F. Reading Planet!    Story Place Library- Pre School  | Elementary- Animated stories& activities! 
1. Project Gutenburg (3-8) The grand daddy of on-line text.
2. Internet Public Library (3-8) 7000+ texts on line in a variety of forms. 
3. Children's Book Council (K-6) Reference articles for parents and teachers on choosing a child's book.
4. Sadlier - Oxford- Educational Publishing Pre K-12 -
5. (K-6) Great site for kids! Read the book reviews too!
6. Reading Comprehension Worksheets (3-8) 100 Reading Comprehension worksheets, serving a variety of needs.
7. Read and hear interactive, narrated, animated stories!
8. America Reads Challenge (1-3) Designed to help every child in America read independently and well by the end of the third grade.
9. A Compact for Reading Guide (K-3) Reading goals, lessons and activities that allow children to accomplish these goals.
10. Dreambox (K-3) A place where you will find children's stories, colorful illustrations, poetry and more!
11. World of Reading (1-6) Where Kids and Books come together!
12. Look, cover, write and check (3-5) An interactive version of  'Look, cover, write and check' aimed at primary school children. The vocabulary selection is limited, but would be suitable for an Entry Level learner. This site works the same as the previous "Look and Cover".
13. Hans Christian Andersen Stories (2-6)Here's a collection of many of Andersen's stories and fairy tales.
14. Goosebumps (3-6) This site is based on the Goosebumps series, and features activities for children.
15. Little Animals Activities (1-4 ) Primary level reading and word game activities.
16. Lullabies and Other Songs for Children (1-4 )Outstanding site for lyrics to children’s songs.
17.Online Reading A collection of stories with comprehension and main idea questions.  Grades 3-5
18. Spiderman's Reading Adventure (2-5) Set of Spiderman reproducibles from the Department of Education.
19. Learning To Read (K-6) Resources for Language Arts and Reading Research.
20. Children's Storybooks (K-3) Online stories, coloring book, mazes and more.
21. Little Explorers Picture Dictionary (K-3)  Great site for young children. 
22. Reading Rockets (K-6) Reading Rockets uses TV, video, print, and the Web to help the millions of children in America who have serious problems learning how to read.
23. Mighty Book - (K-6) Here you'll find a growing collection of educator-approved, animated read and sing-along books for ages two to pre-teen.
24. Aesops Fables (K-6) Read fables online and view illustrations created by students at U Mass Amherst. Many stories are animated.
25. - Online texts with audio for emerging readers. Excellent!
26. Reading-ACE Practice Tests- There are 20 reading comprehension practice tests here.
27. CNN SF-Learning Resources-Articles- Hundreds of articles with multiple-choice, word selection and sequencing questions.
28. English Works-Reading Exercises - About ten short readings with multiple-choice and vocabulary questions.
29.   Storybook Station Students can create their own personalized stories, read them and print them...just by answering questions.
30.  International Children's Library- On- line books from 100 different cultures are available to internet-savvy kids around the world! Excellent!

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