Saxon Math Activities

1. Quick Flash - A fun way to practice times tables.  Quick Flash cycles through each level 5 times, then moves to the next level. Later, it will score your responses and review the problems missed. (3-6)  
2. AAA Math (K-8) Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills.
3. Division: 2 digits by 1 (3-5) Practice dividing 2 digits by 1.
4. U.S. Mint (K-4) Generates interest in coins, the Mint & U.S. history.
5. Banana Hunt (K-6) Practice angle estimation
6. Statistics (4-8) Range, Mean, Median and Mode exercises.
7. Subtraction Mini Lesson (2-3) Animated subtraction program.
8. E-Lab (3-8) Interactive Harcourt activities that match  w/text books.
9. Primary Games - (K-4) Curriculum guide for Math Games.
10. Play Clock (1-3) Interactive clock that teaches time.
11. Quiz Hub-X Facts (3-6) Matching Quiz: Multiplication Facts Game.
12. SAT Tutorial And Practice- Learn important concepts and techniques that are essential in solving problems that commonly appear on the mathematics section of the SAT*.
13. (3-6) Contains tips, & secrets used by teachers.
14. ArithmAttack (K-6) Computer-generated arithmetic problems.
15. Cool Math 4Kids (1-6) An amusement park of math and more!
16.Grade 6 Math - (5-6) A complete review of the key Math concepts of the Grade 6 curriculum. Excellent
Grade 5 MathA complete review of the key Math concepts of the Grade 5 curriculum. Excellent
17. Subtraction Mini Lesson (3-5)  2-digit numbers with regrouping.
18. Cool Math (4-8) Designed for the pure enjoyment of mathematics.
19. Math Worksheets (K-8) Generate all types of math worksheets!
20. Click on Bricks (3-4) Multiplication facts 1-4.
21. A+ Math (1-6) Tons of math games and flash cards! Home of "Matho"
Worksheets formatted for printing. Print out the worksheet, then click on the "Get Answers" button and print the answers. 
New! Online Worksheets! Students fill in your answers online and get your worksheet corrected immediately. 
22. Measure It (2-6) Learn to read a ruler (centimeters/inches)
23. Elementary Math (K-6) Resources for teaching Elementary Math.
24. Multiplication Applet   (4-8) Game that practices tables w/numbers up to 100.
25. X Tables Rhyme (3-6) Practice time table activities.
26. Times Tables (3-6) Teaching tables by learning the number grid.
27. McGraw-Hill Math - K 1 2 3 4 5 6  (K-6) "Fact Dash" for math facts is listed at the bottom of each grade level page. Updated
28. Number Time (K-3) Interactive math activities for primary grades.
29. Revisewise Math (3-5) What you need to know about using numbers.
30. Maths File Games (4-12)  Graphs, algebra, probability, data, rounding, probability, factors and more! 
31. Mystery Picture Division (4-6) Answer problems to solve a mystery.
32. Units of Measure (2-6) Lot's of Worksheets!
33. How Many Cents? (2-4) Count the coins to show the total number of cents.
34. Fresh Baked Fractions (4-6) Click on the fraction that is not equal to the others.
35. Billy Bug Returns (4-6) Practice finding X and Y Coordinates.  
36.  Ghosts Blasters/ Even Numbers / Ghosts Blasters/ Odd Numbers (1-6) Great odd and even number practice!
37. Spacey Math (2-6) Great game to practice all math facts.
38. Speed Grid Challenge- Addition | Subtraction | Multiplication (3-9) A great way to boost your mental arithmetic skills. Speed Grid Challenge lets you choose how many questions to answer in a given time. Try to answer 10 in a minute if you're feeling particularly brave !
39. Harcourt Site Map (K-6) Tons of games & ideas to teach math  
40. Harcourt Math (1-6) Fractions, math facts and time telling games.
41. Dynamo's Den (K-5) Many interactive math games from the BBC.
42. Seussville U (K-3) Primary math games from Dr. Seuss!
43. Moneyopolis (6-8) Learn basic financial planning concepts.
44. Math is Fun  (3-6) Try out your Times Tables from 2 to 12!
45. Graphs & Points (3-6) Challenge your graph skills!
46. Megamath Games (3-6) Practice a particular number for time tables.
47. Mathematics Lesson Plans (K-5) Over 50 ready to print plans.
48. Math is Fun (K-6) Resources and games for all types of math.
49. Subtraction Mystery (2-6) Find out what's behind these tiles.
51. Space Hopscotch- Practice Skip Counting
52. The Counting Game- This is a fun game that helps a student practice counting by numbers from one to nine. (Skip Counting also!)
53. Place Numbers on the Clock - This activity helps the child learn about the clock by placing the hour numbers onto the clock face.
54. Houghton Mifflin Test Prep- Grades - 1 2 3 4 5 - Lots of activities!
55. Science Academy (3-6) All types of interactive math problems
56. Multiplication Table Challenge (3-8) Students are given a total of 100 questions covering the multiplication table from 1 to 12, and each time students play, they will change. The current question is given in the upper right portion of the screen. Just type your answer using your keyboard, and either press Enter or click on the "Check My Answer!"
57. Math Mayhem (3-6) Fast-paced, multi-player arena math facts game!
58. Geometry Concepts (4-6) Developing concepts using a computer.
59. Times Tables Quiz (3-6) Practice your times tables. (self grading)
60. Brain Teasers (3-8) New math brain teasers every week!
61. Area & Perimeter ( 4-6) Practice finding area and perimeter.
62. Exact Change (3-6) Game that practices how to give exact change using money.
63. Math Mastery (1-6) Timed math facts games!
64. Flashcards for Kids (1-5) Self grading flash cards.
65. Flashcard Money (2-6) Games that teaches counting money
66. Teaching Time (1-3) Great games and activities that teach time!
67. Flash Card Game (3-6) Times Table flash card game!
68. Flashcards(+ - x / ) (1-6) Self grading basic facts flash cards.
69. Applet Grid (3-6) Timed multiplication applet
70. Flash Card Directory - (3-5) Hundreds of math fact flash cards.
71. Color Counting (K-2) Color in the correct number of objects - numbers 1 to 9.
72. Math Home Work Activities (4-6) Improve mathematical skills with more than 350 pages of exercises.
73. Billy Bug Math- Teaches children how to find X and Y coordinates.
74. Bang on Time- Teaches children how to tell time
75. Banana Hunt - This game helps students practice the degrees of an angle.
76. Sum Sense- Division - Practice figuring out division problems.
77. Math Homework For Kids (3-7) There are more than 350 pages of printable exercises. Most of the pages are dynamic. When you click the "Reload" button on a page, you will get a different set of exercises!  
78. - Measurement game Measurement game - Game which has several levels of difficulty for both English and metric rulers.
79. Teaching Times Tables Using the Number Grid (2-6) Fill in the times tables chart with missing numbers, starting with the easy tables.
80. Fraction Frenzy (4-8) Game for matching equivalent fractions.
81. Mighty Math Calculating Crew (4-8) Practice multiplying and carrying operations.
82. Multiplication Mystery (4-6) Solve the puzzle by placing the answer in the correct blank.
83. Cosmic Geometry (5-8) Solve for x & y coordinates.
84. Astro Algebra (7-8) Practicing solving x.
85. SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator (1-8) Simply select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button! A worksheet will be created to your specifications, ready to be printed for use.
86. A Maths Dictionary For Kids (All) An animated, interactive math dictionary. Also includes short quizzes. 
87. Multiflyer (3-6) Interactive space game that teaches multiplication tables. Excellent
88. Table Mountain (3-6) Select the times table you wish to practice and then begin your ascent. If you manage to reach the top you can print out a certificate and view a report of your mistake.
89. Math Fact Worksheet generators- Hippo Challenge, Eggs on Legs, Scrambled Eggs and Multiplication Grid.
91. Time Experience for Kids (3-6) You will be presented with two times and you will be asked to determine the difference between the two.
92. Kids Math (K-12) The website of choice by most parents, teachers and kids to learn math.
93. Time Teller (K-3) Are your kids having trouble telling time? This Web site can help. At, little hands can use the mouse to position the hands on an online clock to match any given time. Best of all, this
hands-on practice can be done at any time from any location, at home or at school.
94. Explore Math (7-12) Developed by members of the ExploreMath community, our lesson plans provide strategies for educators to introduce Explore Math's unique multimedia activities into the mathematics classroom, lab, or distance learning curricula.
95. Batter Up! Multiplication  Math Baseball - (3-8) A great interactive game that requires the "Flash" plug-in. Answer math questions - easy ones will get you a single, hard ones a Home Run! 
96. Farm Stand - (2-6) Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price, then add them together for your total.
97. Dino Draw Game (K-2) Create your own dinosaur park. Great for kids learning to use the mouse.
98. Lemonade Larry - (3-6) How much does the lemonade cost? Check out your math skills. Use multiplication to find out how much the lemonade costs.
99. Dositey Math Activities (3-6) Order of Operations, Division, Number Sense Measures, Addition/Subtraction, and Multiplication Activities! 
100. Interactive Mathematics Virtual Library- (K-12) web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction. 
101.Teaching Treasures (K-8)  Online - Interactive Mathematics Activities.
102. Disaster Math - (4-6) Solve these word problems that are related to disasters - earthquakes, hurricanes &  floods!
103. Math Magician Games- (1-6) Timed shockwave math games for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Game results can be printed with student's name. 
104. Interactive Geometry (7-12) The activities in this section will help you get a "hands-on" feel for some of the fundamental principles of geometry. Try them all to help understand theorems and proofs. 
105. Math Conversion Chart (K-12) This page by the software developer, Tom Snyder Productions, gives charts for changing between types of measurements. Find out how to convert inches to centimeters and more!
106. Online Conversion Calculator  (5-12) If you need to convert from one system of measurement to another
quickly, this site can help. The Online Conversion Calculator converts between systems of measurement for distance, temperature, speed, volume, weight, metric weight, area, energy, and more.
107. Harcourt Publishers Math Glossary (1-6) On line Multimedia Math Glossary.
108. Free Math Help (7-12) Provides games, activities, lessons, calculators for students studying algebra, geometry, calculus, or trigonometry including a daily problem.
109. Welcome to Maths Zone - (3-6) an interactive role-play adventure game. Ben and Mai have been kidnapped by two bank robbers and taken to a castle on an island while the robbers plan the final stage of their getaway. You can help Ben and Mai to escape and reach the local police station in time to stop the robbers. It will take about 10 minutes to complete all four challenges. It's not easy but there are clues in the story as it unfolds.
110. Math Playground- (K-6) Large collection of interactive word problems, math games, logic puzzles. Includes online test and worksheet maker too! 
111. Count  (1-12) An outstanding resource for many types of math games. Each game has different ability levels. Home of  "Who wants to be a Mathonaire?", Math Circus, Shape Invaders, Cartoon Maths, Got it and lot's more! 
112. Aunty Math (K-5) Meet Aunty Math and her nieces and nephews. Join them as they have fun working out Aunty Math's challenges in lots of different ways.
113. Makin' Change (K-6) Figure out how much money you have and it will all add when you play Makin' Change. 
114. Hot Math (6-12)  Hotmath provides guided solutions for the actual homework problems in popular math textbooks. 
115. Math Fact Cafe - Create all types of math worksheets. 
116. Scott Forseman Math Problem of the Day- (1-6) Problem of the day that matches text book.
117. Programming Art's Math Challenges-  Addition | Subtraction | Multiplication | Division
118. PrimaryMath -Web-based arithmetic learning system for teachers, tutors or parents to use with primary grade children. Set up exercises, and let your child then practice basic arithmetic operations from simple addition to long division with dozens of difficulty levels and optional decimals or signed numbers. Excellent
119. Cross the Swamp - Help Little Ron move from log to log across the swamp and practice multiplication/division or addition/subtraction. Excellent
120. Money Instructor - Checkbook math exercises and worksheets.  Checkbook to print, writing dollars and cents worksheet, checking account deposit, checkbook transactions, word problems.
121.. Shapes - A brief study of the properties of basic 2d and 3d shapes.  Has a flash movie, fact sheet, and a test.
122. Piggy Bank - When coins fall from the top of the screen, choose those that add up to the given amount, and the piggy bank fills.

123. Visual Fractions Interactive practice to help students visualize fractions.  Grades 3-8

124. Motivating Math Interactive practice page with lessons on equations, factoring, and graphing. Requires JavaScript and Java. Grades 6+
125.Interactive Math A variety of math activities that include arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus  fractals, and probability.  Grades 2-12
126. BasketMath Interactive Students choose a math skill from the table of contents and a mathematics question and animation based on a basketball game appears.  Click the Results option to get a score
127. MathsNet-  Interactive resources on the mathematics curriculum that you can use now to do some mathematics! There are materials here to help with SATs, GCSE and A-Level.
128. Hitting the Target  is designed to assist youngsters with understanding angles.  Angles can be applied to virtually any sport, particularly snooker, football, cricket and tennis (the sports used in Hitting the Target).
129.Calculating Angles-   Excellent interactive  program designed to teach children about angles!
130.Equivalence Demonstrator (4-8) Demonstrator for the equivalence of decimals, percentages and fractions.
131.Techno Tortoise - A demonstrator for the use of number lines. Includes a game for adding two 2-digit numbers together by adding the tens first. Answer 5 questions correctly and you can play the flying game.
132.Multiplication Number line- Choose a multiplication fact from the multiplication square and see it as a number line!
133.Scales Reader- Read the scales and type in the new weight.
134. Daisy Math Activities- All types  of interactive math exercises from simple addition to multi-digit multiplication and fractions!
135. Born Thinker Multiplication- This tool is a flash card drill simulation for multiplication. Drill randomly or sequentially with one or a range of numbers. Good for memorizing the multiplication table! (Link is located near bottom of page "Play")
136. That Quiz- (All) Many types of math tests for all ages! (Excellent)
137. Count Us In- (K-4) These games work with basic number concepts. The site is part of the Australian Broadcasting Company website.
138. Code Cracker   (3-7) Playing Code Cracker has helps develop and maintain calculation skills. To win this game you must correctly crack the code and reveal a message! There are three levels: sleuth, special agent, and master spy which one are you?
139.Arithmetic 4 - Test all your basic math skills!

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